FRP Chemical Storage Tanks

All our thermoplastic chemical storage tanks & vessels provide a true alternative to traditional lined metal vessels for the storage and processing of corrosive solutions. These tanks are designed and fabricated as per BS 4994/IS 10661. These tanks are widely used the storage of acids, alkalies and corrosive chemicals.

Product Features

• Immune to Corrosion : Our tanks are inert to most of the chemicals and are immune   to electrolytic attack, therefore they don't need any extra expensive lining.

• High Impact Strength : Our tanks are extruded and continuously spirally wound in order to give a homogeneous construction that   provides them resistivity towards crack   under stress as well as make them withstand extreme temperatures.

• Easy To Maintain : The range of tough and non corroding tanks we offer do not need any painting or anti corrosion treatment. They   are also resistant towards Ultra Violet   rays and can be installed outdoors.

• Leak Proof : Because of the homogeneous structure, our tanks are leak proof.
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