FRP Filter Tanks

FRP Filter are designed with deep-bed depth for in-depth filtration to ensure a most efficient filtration, capturing dirts and filth. Deep Bed Multimedia filters are made of the highest grade of fiberglass composite materials with smooth surfaced inner shell(PE) and filament wound on the outside.

These filters are manufactured using the state-of-the-art production technique, ensuring toughness, durable, good aesthetical value, easy to install and guarantee to last years after years.

Applications :

• Industrial Water Treatment with multi-layer media
• Water Softening Application
• Centralized Filtration System for high rise residential and commercial buildings such as    condominiums, high rise office building, hotels and resorts.
• Aquaculture, fish farming and hatchery filtration system
• And many other water filtration and treatment applications.

Frp Filter Tank
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